Hi! I´m Juanita Andrade!

I believe in transformation to achieve goals and dreams. I believe in creating a positive mindset to create a new life where you feel fulfilled.

My methodology is the result of my own transformational process. I have lived abroad in different opportunities, I know what it means to face unknown languages and cultures. I have been working for twenty years with professionals and executives in organizations of different sectors, implementing English Communication programs, Life Coaching processes and Business English courses. 

I have also gone through the journey of entrepreneurship which has impacted my personal and professional life. I removed barriers and transformed limiting beliefs that had blocked me and kept me from achieving my dreams.

That´s why I truly believe in changing mindset and personal growth as the base to achieve any kind of goal. The tools I share with you will allow quick and long-lasting changes. I will help you achieve life goals, language communication goals, and dreams through processes where you empower yourself and learn how to maximize your potential.

I am an NLP-Life Coach, Communication Specialist and Business English trainer.

I will guide you so you can set realistic and measurable goals and overcome the blockages and obstacles that might be affecting your life and professional performance. I will support you in the process of strengthening your English communication skills and building up your confidence.

Motivated and committed clients show every day that change is possible. Moving forward with consistency, one day at a time, that´s the key.

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We will have a lot of fun together, you will give yourself the chance to flow in English, you will learn incredible things about yourself, you will learn how to train your mind and build the confidence needed to interact in English as a second language and live a fulfilling life. I am an NLP-Life Coach, Corporate Communication Specialist and Business English trainer.


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Learn how to achieve faster your English communication goals.


 Discover yourself, achieve your life goals and maximize your personal and professional potential.


How to master the techniques you need to become more confident and prepare a successful interview in English.

Are you aware of how you see your life experiences? Thoughts, beliefs and language create your reality.


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and get your free PDF