Be You

Life Coaching

Discover yourself and achieve your life goals

Life Coaching will inspire you and help you through a partnering process achieve your dreams and maximize your personal and professional potential. I will help you overcome the obstacles and blockages that keep you from achieving goals and dreams.

In this process we will work together in order to:

  • Identify and align goals
  • Clarify and define objectives
  • Set priorities
  • Generate strategies and action steps so you can reach your maximum potential
  • Build-up your confidence so you can focus on your uniqueness

You will discover talents, values, beliefs, purpose.

It is important to book a free consultation in order to determine if your goals are aligned with a Life Coaching process, also to know if both client and coach feel comfortable with each other.

Be you

One – on - One online Coaching Program with Juanita Andrade
  • 10 – session program.
  • 1 hour weekly.

Speak & Connect

Learn how to achieve faster your English communication goals.


 Discover yourself, achieve your life goals and maximize your personal and professional potential.


How to master the techniques you need to become more confident and prepare a successful interview in English.

Are you aware of how you see your life experiences? Thoughts, beliefs and language create your reality.


and get your free PDF

and get your free PDF