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Interview Training

Preparing an interview in English is a challenge. It is important for people who are re-entering the workforce, who are new to the job-market and people who are looking to advance in their career

After years of experience in English Communication Coaching, Business English trainings and teaching techniques, I have designed this program to help you overcome the fear and anxiety that might me present in an interview and to give you the tools so you can show up feeling confident and express yourself accurately and assertively.



  • Become more confident by developing a personal strategy to talk about yourself and your professional experience.
  • Remove the blockages that keep you from doing your best
  • Understand the different kinds of interviews and questions
  • Learn how to answer with your own personal style.
  • Improve your Business English knowledge
  • Develop communication skills.
One – on - One online Coaching Program with Juanita Andrade

I use learning techniques that guarantee that what is learned during the training sessions can immediately be applied. Individual training that will provide you with all the interview techniques you need to become more confident and create your personal speech. 


Speak & Connect

Learn how to achieve faster your English communication goals.


 Discover yourself, achieve your life goals and maximize your personal and professional potential.


How to master the techniques you need to become more confident and prepare a successful interview in English.

Are you aware of how you see your life experiences? Thoughts, beliefs and language create your reality.


and get your free PDF

and get your free PDF